Membership and Volunteer Standing Committee

Purpose: Serving as the hub for volunteer and member activities, the Membership and Volunteer Committee supports membership growth by actively recruiting, retaining, and engaging members; building a volunteer pool comprising members and supporters, and promoting volunteer opportunities within the Green Party of PEI.

Current Members: Darlene Doiron (Chair), Gerard Deveau, Toby MacDonald 


Finance Standing Committee

Purpose: The finance committee provides oversight of the financial aspects of the party, EDAs, and RAs. The finance committee collaborates with other committees to ensure everyone is working together on the finances of the Party. The finance committee provides budgeting and oversight for the finances of the election process for all 27 districts during election years.

Current Members: George Mason (Chair), Susan Hartley


Governance Standing Committee

Purpose: Governance refers to the structures and processes that establish an organization that makes which decisions, how they are made, who has a say, and who is accountable. The purpose of this committee is to oversee the Green Party of PEI governance documents, policies, and procedures and identify any issues, inconsistencies, or gaps that may be addressed. The goal is to ensure that all the party units have clear responsibilities and accountabilities and have the tools to work synergistically to advance the party's goals.

Current Members: Eddie Childs, Jordan Bober, Maria Rodriguez, Martin Ruben


Elections Readiness Committee

Purpose: Serving as the primary planning, coordinating, and, in certain cases, decision-making body concerning ensuring the readiness of the Party for the next General Election, including contingencies for unexpectedly early election calls.


The party has several ad-hoc committees that are formed as need when needed