Statement from Peter Bevan-Baker on Election Call

Charlottetown, PE - This evening, Premier Dennis King called an election, and that means it’s time for Islanders to make a choice about who they trust to lead our province for the next four years.

Islanders will have to ask themselves some questions over the next few weeks.

Do you want four more years of crumbling healthcare, skyrocketing housing prices, out of control development, and the cost of living going up and up with no end in sight?

Or do you want a Party with a plan that will make a real difference in the lives of Islanders?

Together, we will deliver a realistic healthcare plan that puts more healthcare workers into the system and gets Islanders better access to healthcare.

Together, we will invest in affordable housing across the province and finally tackle the housing crisis that’s been ignored by Liberals and PCs for years.

Together, we will make PEI the best place to work, where businesses can succeed and workers are respected and paid what they deserve.

Together, we will protect our Island shores, our beaches, our forests, our rivers and waterways from the threats of both climate change and reckless development.

Together, we will make Prince Edward Island the best place for families, seniors, and young people to live.

The Green Party is ready. Our members are positive and full of energy. We are excited to share with Islanders our positive vision for a better future. Together, we will continue making a real difference in the lives of Islanders.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Jonathan Hamel

Director of Communications, Green Party of PEI

Tel: (902) 916-7816