Peter Bevan-Baker Announces Plans to Address Affordability and Poverty

March 10, 2023

Charlottetown, PE - Over the past two years, Prince Edward Island has had the highest rate of inflation of any Canadian province. More than ever, Islanders are struggling to make ends meet. While inflation is a global phenomenon, the provincial government still has a responsibility to help Islanders live with security and dignity, something the Dennis King Conservatives have failed to do.

The Green Party has been a tireless advocate for low- and middle-income and is making a real difference in the lives of ordinary Islanders.

A Green Government would:

● Introduce tax breaks for lower and middle income earners in PEI and create a more equitable tax system for all Islanders. This includes increasing the Low-Income Tax Threshold to $25,000 and indexing tax brackets to inflation.

● Create a refundable tax credit for lower- and middle-income workers to complement the Canada Workers Benefit. This will help 32,000 Islanders.

● Immediately increase the minimum wage to $15.20 to ensure our minimum wage keeps pace with inflation, and increase the minimum wage by at least $1 per year thereafter until it reaches a living wage.

● Create a basic income pilot, as recommended by the Special Committee on Poverty in PEI. Strongly advocate for financial support from the federal government to create a full universal basic income.

● Increase social assistance rates and index them to inflation.

Further announcements detailing specific plans for supporting Island seniors and workers will be released in the coming days.


“Dennis King’s Conservative government has utterly failed to help Islanders in need. A Green Government would get more money into the hands of Islanders who need it and help families deal with the affordability crisis happening right now.”

Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Green Party of PEI

“Making Islanders live in poverty is a choice, made by those in power. Poverty is not inevitable. It is a result of decades of Conservative and Liberal governments who simply don’t care about the well-being of Islanders. It is well within government’s power to eliminate poverty, and that’s exactly what a Green Government would do.”

Trish Altass, Green Candidate for District 23, Tyne Valley-Sherbrooke

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