Statement from Peter Bevan-Baker on UPEI Faculty Association Strike

Charlottetown, PE - After months of negotiations with the UPEI administration, the UPEI Faculty Association began strike action this morning. The Green Party of PEI believes all workers deserve the best possible working conditions, and we express solidarity with the workers on the picket line.

Over the past several years Government's funding of UPEI has not kept up with inflation, which has meant a significant funding decrease in real terms. The Green Party believes that the university's funding agreement needs to be reviewed and updated to ensure we are adequately funding the university, that grants are provided on a multi-year basis, and that the agreement contains clear terms, conditions, and expectations of the university. This would provide better financial stability and predictability, and would support investments in staff, such as hiring more tenured faculty and properly paying sessional instructors. It would also enhance student support services while mitigating big tuition increases.

Unions helped build the middle class. The Green Party believes unions are an important vehicle for advancing the interests of workers, and a Green government would promote unionization on PEI. When workers do well, our province does well.

We hope for a timely resolution and a good collective agreement so that students' studies are minimally disrupted and workers get a fair deal.


For media inquiries, please contact:
Jonathan Hamel
Director of Communications, Green Party of PEI
Tel: (902) 916-7816