Statement from Karla Bernard Urging Accountability and Equality: Supporting Women Paramedics and All Women in the Workplace

Charlottetown, PE - Yesterday during the Standing Committee on Health and Social Development a deeply troubling incident occurred when the MLA for Summerside-Wilmot Tyler DesRoches made inappropriate, sexist comments towards Island paramedics. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges women continue to face in traditionally male-dominated fields. The Green Caucus strongly condemns these comments and stands firmly in support of women paramedics and everyone working towards equality in the workplace and in our province.

Sexist comments like the ones made by the MLA for Summerside-Wilmot are not just harmful to the individuals directly affected, but to all women who are working to break down barriers and achieve equality in their chosen fields. The remarks serve as a stark reminder of the deeply entrenched gender biases that continue to exist in our society.

It is important for all of us to call out these kinds of inappropriate comments and demand better from our elected officials. I want to thank the paramedics across PEI who have publicly spoken out since yesterday’s committee meeting. The Green Caucus believes in holding those in positions of power accountable for their actions and words. The MLA's comments have no place in the legislature or in any workplace.

Healthcare workers in our province are struggling and comments like these cause a lot of harm to our frontline who are already feeling overworked and unappreciated by Premier King and his caucus. We call on Premier King to take immediate and meaningful action to address this issue. We urge Premier King to ensure that his caucus speaks out against these comments and commits to undertaking the necessary work to educate all members of his caucus on issues of gender equality, internalized bias, and respect. This incident should serve as a catalyst for change, sparking a renewed commitment to creating a respectful and inclusive environment for all Islanders, regardless of their gender identity.

Women have been breaking barriers and making significant contributions in traditionally male-dominated fields for years. Their hard work and dedication deserve recognition and support, not disrespect or discrimination. Our caucus will continue to advocate for a province where every Islander is treated with the respect they deserve.