District 22 Summerside-South Drive Electoral District Association

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Key district contacts

Chair and Communications Coordinator - Temporarily Vacant
Financial Coordinator - Chris Pharo
Data Coordinator - Olivier Pagni
Member-at-large - Mary Swan

You can contact all Coordinating Team members at  d22@peigreens.ca.

About District 22

District 22 consists of the southwestern portion of Summerside, ranging from Granville St and Russell St in the east to Mackenzie Dr and the South Drive neighbourhoods in the west, and from Pope Road in the north to the waterfront in the south. See the detailed map of the district on Elections PEI's website.

In the April 2019 Provincial General Election, there were 4,474 people registered to vote in our district; voter turnout was 66.3%, with 2,967 ballots cast in total.

Our Green candidate, Steve Howard, received 1,302 votes, 43.9% of the total.

The Electoral District Association

District 22 has an Electoral District Association (EDA), which is part of the Green Party structure that carries out grassroots engagements with the community and helps prepare and carry out the district candidate's election campaign. The EDA is overseen by a Coordinating Team.

If you are a member of the Green Party of PEI and live in District 22, you are a member of the D22 EDA! We'd love to hear from and involve you in what happens here.