Greg Bradley

District 15 Brackley-Hunter River

March 13, 2023 - Greg Bradley announced today that he is running as the Green candidate in District 15, Brackley-Hunter River.

Family is central to Bradley's life. A father of three sons and a two year-old grandson, Bradley enjoys spending time with them his 90 year-old mother who lives in an Island long-term care facility.

Bradley has been in the construction industry for over 45 years, working as a building contractor, project manager and entrepreneur. His work has spanned many diverse projects including restoring some of Charlottetown’s finest old homes and businesses. Midway through his career, Bradley played an integral role in the fabrication of the Confederation Bridge.

Bradley spends his free time cycling, hiking or engaged in one of many volunteer roles in his community. “ I've always been mindful of the importance of the community, and I'm aware of the importance of those who continually step up to volunteer to help out their neighbours,” says Bradley. He has volunteered with SAFE (Sober and Friendly Environment), Scouts Canada and COPs (Citizens on Patrol) in Cornwall, and previously served as the interim president for the Hunter-Clyde Watershed Group.

Known as a hard-worker and an involved community member, Bradley ran as the Green candidate in Brackley-Hunter River in 2019.

Bradley says: “The Green Party has strong grassroots values, and has regularly demonstrated that it puts constituents first over corporate and big-money interests. Greens have always been at the forefront, fighting on behalf of the environment, social issues, housing, healthcare, land use and sustainable farming amongst other important issues. I look forward to working directly with the constituents of District 15 by listening to and acting on their concerns.”