Janice Harper

District 13 Charlottetown-Brighton

Charlottetown, PE - Land use planner Janice Harper is the Green Party of PEI candidate for District 13, Charlottetown-Brighton, in the 2023 provincial election.

Harper is an independent consultant with 20 years of experience in land use planning. She has worked primarily in Prince Edward Island and has experience at all levels of government. She holds a Master’s Degree in Land Use Planning from Queen’s University. She has developed Official Plans and Municipal Bylaws for numerous municipalities.

She has authored and co-authored several reports on municipal issues and has expertise in climate change adaptation options for municipalities.

“We are living in a period of rapid change. Climate change continues to have major impacts on our local geography and local economy. We need leaders who make informed decisions about how to address climate change and how to manage our economy,” says Harper. “It is critical that decision makers maintain respect for different voices and different lived experiences, as well as integrate these voices with expertise and due process into the development of policy and legislation.”

Harper has delivered presentations on government policy, planning issues and ethics at watershed meetings, planning forums, and climate change conferences. She has developed policy at the provincial and municipal level and served on the Provincial Task Force on Land Use and the PEI Climate Change Secretariat.

“It is increasingly difficult to watch how development continues to be facilitated in areas at risk, including areas prone to flooding. What could be simple and straightforward has been made complex and confusing,” says Harper. “Greens have spoken up against the promotion of development that disregards the public interest.”“If I am elected, I will expose gaps and distractions in land use and clarify the roles of the Planning Act and the Lands Protection Act. I will identify how the Provincial government can be more supportive of municipalities, including Charlottetown. I will work to identify a path forward that addresses the reality of a changing climate, the housing crisis, and shifts in industry,” says Harper. “I hope that residents of Brighton will give me an opportunity to bring forward their concerns. I will work to make this a better place to live, both in the short term and in the long term.”

Harper has lived in Brighton for 20 years with her husband, Ed White, and their 4 children. She is an active cyclist and has recently advocated for active transportation lanes around Simmons Field.