Jason Charette

District 24 Evangeline-Miscouche

Victoria West, PEI - Telecommunications professional and sustainable living advocate, Jason Charette today announced that he is running for the Green Party in District 24, Evangeline-Miscouche in the provincial election.

In his professional work as a technical manager, Charette utilizes his expertise and skill to critically analyze data, make informed decisions, and collaborate effectively with others. This work has given him the opportunity to interact with local businesses and through these interactions he has deepened his appreciation for the importance of supporting local businesses and creating well-paying jobs for Islanders.

Charette and his partner have created a small farm and home with the goal of building a life of sustainability. Most recently they have completed the construction of a tiny eco home nestled in the woods in Evangeline.

“The skills I bring to my work are also critical in understanding the complex issues facing our community and developing sustainable solutions,” says Charette. “I look forward to working together with the people in Evangeline-Miscouche to find practical solutions to the most pressing issues we face: access to healthcare, a strong economy that benefits all, and promoting environmental protection and sustainability.”

As a person of French descent, Charette celebrates the cultural diversity in the district and seeks to provide representation for all Islanders. “My values are reflected in those of the Green Party. I am motivated to contribute to a government that is accountable and treats Islanders equitably and fairly. I have made it my personal goal to leave the planet in a better place than it was when I was born - for our children and their children. Like the Green Party I will make a positive difference.”

Jason and his family live in Victoria West, where they have built a tiny eco-home and small farm.