John Allen MacLean


New Perth, PE - Educator and musician, John Allen MacLean today announced that he is running for the Green Party in District 7 Morell-Donagh in the provincial election.

John Allen MacLean was born and raised in a big, old farmhouse in New Perth, where his family had a small hobby farm on which they grew their own fruits and vegetables and raised some livestock. His family opened their home to senior citizens in the area who needed a place to live, whether it was for thirty days or thirty years. This taught John Allen the value of sharing and working hard for everyone to succeed. 

John currently works as a substitute teacher in the public school system throughout Eastern PEI. He is very involved in his community and can be found lending a hand at the Copper Bottom brewery or performing as a musician in local venues.

"I value fairness, kindness and patience and strive to bring these values into my personal and professional life. I am committed to listening to others’ perspectives and bringing them into the Legislature so that the diversity of our Island is well represented,” says MacLean. “The Greens have made an important difference in the political and legislative work on PEI. They have brought the voice of their constituents to the table. I look forward to contributing to this work.”