lana Beth Barkhouse

District 6 Stratford-Keppoch

Stratford, PE - Family physician and leader in healthcare on PEI, Dr. Lana Beth Barkhouse is the Green Party of PEI candidate for District 6, Stratford-Keppoch, in the 2023 provincial election. 

Barkhouse attended Dalhousie Medical School in Halifax and has practiced family medicine on PEI since 2002. She is one of the small group of family doctors on PEI who help train Nurse Practitioners, medical students, and Family Medicine Residents in her daily practice. Barkhouse is committed to holistic healthcare and collaborative teamwork in medicine. 

Barkhouse is also a leader in women’s health on PEI. She was a builder, spokesperson, and the first medical lead for the Women’s Wellness Program on PEI. In 2019 she was named Family Physician of the Year on PEI. That same year, Barkhouse and her daughter were recognized for the work they contributed to preserve the history of Stratford soldiers during the First World War. 

“As I’ve grown in my life; both professional and personal, I’ve learned to speak up and stand up when needed. The Green Party is showing Islanders a different way of doing things and I’m here, ready to help,” says Barkhouse. “I bring an insiders’ perspective on healthcare and the impacts of poverty on people. In my medical practice I often feel like I'm a social worker, trying to understand and navigate the system for my patients.” 

Barkshouse grew up surrounded by farmers, fishers, and boat builders, from whom she learned the value of a strong community created by strong independent people. 

“I am inspired by the collaboration within the Green party and understand the importance of trying to expand this to all political levels. The vision expressed by Peter Bevan-Baker and the Green party will make our community, our Island, and our world healthier and more sustainable,” says Barkhouse. 

Barkhouse and her partner Andrew have lived in Stratford for the past 20 years, where they raised their three children. She and her partner restored and continue to maintain a Stratford heritage home where they live with their numerous cats and dogs. If elected, Barkhouse will continue to care for her patients, while representing the residents of Stratford-Keppoch.