Nick LeClair

District 14 Charlottetown-West Royalty

Charlottetown, PE - Nick LeClair, resident of West Royalty and biology student at the University of Prince Edward Island announced today that he is running as the Green Party of PEI candidate in district 14 Charlottetown-West Royalty.

Nick is an advocate for more vibrant, healthy, and equitable living spaces. As a young person working in order to afford to pursue his studies in biological science, Nick knows first hand the economic and social challenges that face his generation.

“I feel that the economic and social changes which have occurred within my lifetime have strained public resources such that our government's long history of inaction is entirely unsustainable and entirely unacceptable,” says LeClair. “It is critical to support the development of more affordable housing. We can build a healthier, more people friendly, and environmentally sustainable Charlottetown, in part by creating a better relationship between municipal and provincial levels of government.”

Nick brings a passion for politics, policy and living according to the principles of good practice and good governance, especially in the areas of environmental stewardship and the protection of PEI lands, both urban and rural. “ I would love to see more done by our Provincial government to embody those principles and I am confident that a Green government would do just this,” says LeClair.

Nick has lived his entire life in Charlottetown where he currently works and studies.