Protect the Security, Dignity, and Wellness of All Islanders

We believe our province should strive for economic independence and greater prosperity for all Islanders by focusing on development that does not depend on unlimited growth or federal government transfers.

A Green Government would work toward the goal of eliminating poverty on PEI.

We acknowledge poverty is a complex issue, but envision fewer people living in poverty by immediately increasing access to existing programs and services. Further improvements will come from poverty-reduction measures such as a Basic Income Guarantee, starting with the most vulnerable.

We believe that a health care system must do more than respond to illness, it must also promote wellness at every stage of life. All departments have a role to play in nurturing the well-being of individuals and in building healthy communities.

A Green Government would provide a strong community-based health care network that focuses on well-being and preventative support. Primary health care would be delivered at a local level, within a collaborative model that effectively uses health care resources and supports mental and emotional health and well-being. New technologies should be implemented to provide modern and efficient delivery of health care services.

Our small size allows us to be creative and flexible in re-imagining what learning could and should be for improving the security and well-being of Islanders. This includes not only what we learn, but how and where we learn, and why. We want every Island child to be happy, safe, included, and challenged to develop, learn and grow. We imagine a world class education system for Island students, based on best practices around the world, and adapted to suit our local context. Truly supporting and nurturing child development will have a ripple effect throughout future generations.

25 Year Vision

  • A Basic Income Guarantee will be provided for all Islanders
  • A proactive health care system will encourage wellness, based on the social determinants of health
  • All Islanders will have access to appropriate primary health services in the region where they live
  • Island students will have one of the finest student-centred education systems in the world

10 Year Vision

  • The Basic Income Guarantee program will be expanded based on evaluation of the pilot
  • A livable wage will be provided for all working Islanders
  • Universal basic dental care will be provided for all Islanders
  • All Islanders will have access to affordable child care
  • A universal school food program will be implemented
  • A universal pharma-care program will be negotiated with the Federal government
  • The Rural Health Care hub model will be operating in many communities across PEI

First Mandate Commitments

Health and Wellness

  • Provide health professionals with the opportunity to work to their full scope of practice including, but not limited to, pharmacists, midwives, and nurse practitioners
  • Expand and improve rural health care services
    • Establish health care hubs in rural hospitals to enhance service integration by co-locating a broad range of services including diagnosis, treatment, and support for managing acute and chronic illnesses, like diabetes
    • Support the development of collaborative community health centers to ensure local access to primary health care
  • Expand and improve rural health care services
  • Improve home care and long-term residential care for Island seniors
    • Provide better home care supports so Islanders who wish to can remain at home longer
    • Roll back the recently announced fee increase in public facilities and implement incremental and predictable increases
    • Conduct a full assessment of costs for public facilities and income levels required to receive subsidies
  • Introduce comprehensive midwifery services to provide preconception, pre-natal, delivery and post-natal care in several centers with provision for home births where desired and appropriate
  • Expand birth control coverage and options in the PEI pharma-care formulary
  • Expand Dental Health Care benefits to Social Assistance clients and extend coverage to low income Islanders
  • Introduce a “social prescribing” pilot program
    • Expand healthcare coverage to include “social prescribing” that recognizes social connection as fundamental to wellness and allows health care professionals to prescribe physical, mental, and culturally-appropriate activities as important aspects of their patient’s health care approach
  • Develop models of remuneration and benefits that enhance our ability to recruit new physicians
  • Actively recruit medical residents and specialists including nurse practitioners to train and work on PEI
  • Review the legislation for Health PEI with the objective of strengthening its independence and providing greater accountability for health outcomes


  • Phase in a universal food program for schools, which will provide local, healthy food to every Island school student, using a pay as you can model
  • Increase wages for Early Childhood Educators (ECE) through increased grants to designated centres, so it will not increase the cost of childcare for Island families
  • Phase out provincial standardized testing and transition to universal progress monitoring while retaining PISA & PCAP (national and international student assessments)
  • Provide enhanced career education and planning services to high school students, including information on community college and trades options and entrepreneurship
    • Review grant and loan programs to provide incentives for high demand skills training
    • Provide debt forgiveness for graduates with high-demand qualifications to stay on PEI
    • Provide immigration support to international students who wish to stay on PEI after graduation
  • Increase classroom supports for teachers in collaboration with the PEI Teachers Federation, the educational advisory councils, and other stakeholders
  • Work with community partners to expand affordable after school programs
  • Improve the District Advisory Councils by giving them greater autonomy and resources, and by adding teachers to their membership

Social Services

  • Set up a commission to develop a Basic Income Guarantee pilot program
  • Create a client-centred approach for Social Services by conducting a ‘Red Tape Review’ of all social, family, and disability support services
  • Increase the Social Services housing subsidy rate, food rate, and personal allowance rate to ensure the most vulnerable Islanders are not having to choose between rent and food
  • Provide a secure income for Islanders who are unable to enter the workforce due to long term disabilities
  • Provide free transit passes to those using social support services and explore subsidizing passes for seniors across the province

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