Stratford Regional Association (Districts 5 & 6)

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Key regional association contacts

Chair - Bill Kendrick (
Financial Coordinator - Mary-Ellen MacMillan
Data Coordinator - Darlene Doiron

You can send an email to the Stratford RA Coordinating Team at

About Districts 5 and 6

The Stratford Regional Association includes the two Stratford-area districts 5 (Mermaid-Stratford) and 6 (Stratford-Keppoch).

In the April 2019 Provincial General Election there were 3849 people registered to vote in District 5; voter turnout was 79%, with 3026 ballots cast in total. Our Green candidate, Michele Beaton, was elected with 1,152 votes, or 38% of the total.

In the same election, there were 3704 people registered to vote in District 6; voter turnout was 81%, with 2988 ballots cast. Our Green candidate, Devon Strang, finished in third place with 805 votes, or 27% of the total.

The Regional Association

Together, Districts 5 and 6 form a Regional Association, which is part of the Green Party structure that carries out grassroots engagements with the community and helps prepare and carry out the district candidates' election campaigns. The Regional Association is overseen by a Coordinating Team that is elected by members at annual general meetings.

If you are a member of the Green Party of PEI and live in District 5 or 6, you are a member of the Stratford Regional Association! We'd love to hear from and involve you in what happens here.