Ron McConnell

District 26 Alberton-Bloomfield

Ellerslie, PE - Founder of the Emergency Animal Response Team and school bus driver, Ron McConnell, announced today that he will be running for the Green Party of PEI in District 26, Alberton-Bloomfield in the 2023 provincial election.

A professional driver with over 25 years of experience in the driving and delivery sector, Ron has worked and travelled in many different regions of Canada and chose, with his wife, Lynne Davis to settle in PEI where they raise heritage breed cattle.

Ron is the president, and founder, of the Emergency Animal Response Team (EART), which provides rescue and emergency shelter to domestic animals during disasters such as hurricanes, fires, floods, and other emergencies. He works with farmers to give them the knowledge they need to protect their livestock during bad weather. He has always been involved in his community, no matter where he has lived, volunteering with a variety of organizations including Ducks Unlimited, Crime Stoppers, and many others.

As well as a long career in the driving profession, Ron has worked with the Department of National Defence and has spent time as a rancher. He has had an interest in politics for decades. “I have experienced the rise and fall of numerous governments -federal, provincial and Municipal - and know that the same old was of doing things has not provided the solutions we need for the future. I want to contribute to a government that is forward thinking, accountable and responsible, and that brings people together in a respectful and equitable way,” says McConnell. “I will listen to people and get their ideas on how we can achieve a solid future for our children, grandchildren and the generations that follow.”