Steve Howard

District 22 Summerside-South Drive

Summerside, PE - Summerside-South Drive MLA Steve Howard is the Green Party of PEI candidate for District 22, Summerside-South Drive, in the 2023 provincial election.

Howard was elected to the Legislative Assembly on April 23, 2019 for District 22 and is currently the Opposition Critic for Fisheries and Communities.

“I bring the real world, lived experiences of a large young family, as well as the perspective of a small business owner, to the table. Many of my constituents can relate to the same experiences and issues faced by families and businesses right now. After two major storms and generally more frequent extreme weather, we have also seen the importance of a resilient electrical grid," says Howard.

Howard is the founder of Renewable Lifestyles Ltd. and Solar Island Electric Inc., a community-driven investment business that helped make PEI a leader in community-owned solar electric installs in Canada. He is also a founding member and past President of the Summerside Makerspace – a non-profit organization that encourages community-based innovation and learning.

Since 2005, Howard has been at the forefront of the renewable energy industry on PEI and has been consulted by all levels of government with regards to the climate and the energy future of Summerside, PEI, and the Maritimes. “Let’s focus on ensuring this technology benefits all Islanders and not just a few of us. I am interested in creating a resilient Island-owned grid that facilitates the transition to a 100% renewable energy future," says Howard.

As an MLA, Howard introduced legislation that would have modernized the Island electrical grid and made it conducive to a just renewable transition. He also passed a motion in the Legislature calling for meaningful democratic reform action in the form of a citizens assembly on Proportional Representation, emphasizing that the large problems of our day, such as healthcare, housing and climate action, require long term thinking and action.

A graduate from Holland College, Howard lives in Summerside with his wife Amber Shea and their four young children.